4 Tips On How To Receive Severance Pay If Unfairly Terminated

When we go to work, it is fair to suggest that we expect to be treated with the same level of respect and understanding as we would treat others. When this doesn't happen and conflict comes into play work can then become a pretty miserable place to be. In worst-case scenarios, people are often forced to resign their positions, or alternatively are suspended or fired under false pretences. When the above happens then it is vital that the services of a highly skilled team of employment attorneys are called upon. They can fight your corner to obtain the compensation you deserve, but only if you follow these four important pointers.

Don't succumb to peer pressure

When many companies are faced with a Los Angeles employment lawsuit, they will often look to settle out of court so as not to tarnish their reputation. However generally speaking, the compensation often falls way short of what the employee should be receiving. In the main, termination packages are negotiable, but many employees snap at the first sign of money, either because of peer pressure from friends and family, or alternatively they may simply believe that that is the only deal they are going to be offered. This is often not the case and the first deal on the table always falls way short of the mark anyway. Playing a waiting game in this instance just might help. This is something that a highly skilled employment attorney can help you with.

Consult with an expert team of employment lawyers

Any employment lawyer who works solely in this field is by far the best person to represent you. Many other firms may 'dabble' in this field of law, but instead may be more inclined to deal with personal injury cases. Although they may understand the basics around the law, a skilled attorney who works in this field (and this field only) will know the complexities that such a case can bring and as a result will know exactly how to handle it. You could say that it is akin to asking a motor mechanic who deals in engines to fix an electrical fault on your car. You would be far better off going to someone who deals specifically with the electrical side of things.

Look to take action before you litigate

One of the best pieces of advice an employment lawyer can give is to try to take action towards finding another job as soon as you can after you have been dismissed. As a victim your unfair dismissal may be a bitter pill to swallow and you could be inclined to simply sit back and wait for the outcome. This approach can be problematic on several fronts. Firstly a victim cannot stay at home and allow their financial losses to accumulate and then seek to claim damages. Secondly, not pouring efforts into finding another form of employment may result in the victim having too much time on their hands to think about what had happened. If you can show a court of law that you are actively seeking alternative employment then they would be more inclined to reimburse you for your efforts should the case be won.

Use litigation as a last resort

In terms of costs, litigations can be extremely expensive for both the plaintiff and the defendant. As a result, neither side particularly wants to take an unfair dismissal case all they way to court. Instead a better option for both parties would be to accept a settlement figure out of court. A skilled team of employment attorneys have the ability to be able to negotiate a settlement figure that both parties will be happy with, and as a result, both parties will be able to avoid all the expenses that a court lawsuit can bring. If there is much conflict between employer and employee and a settlement figure cannot be agreed upon, then you then have the option of litigation to fall back on.

In many cases we all have to work with people that we would probably choose not to socialize with, but that doesn't mean to say that they cannot be treated with a certain amount of respect. When an employer/employee relationship turns sour and ends in a wrongful termination, then it is vital that the services of a skilled team of employment attorneys Los Angeles gets called upon to help.