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True Gladiator. Attorney David Greenberg is considered a pioneer in employment-related and personal injury issues.Article written by: LEONARD NOVARRO.

Date: December 8, 2000.

After 35 years, David H. Greenberg sees himself as a gladiator with a dash of anxiety. "Someone who can't fight his own fight has come to you and said, 'I need a champion. Will you carry my banner into battle?' and you say 'Yes and I will put up my own money for cost and overhead and you will pay me back if I win and if I don't win, you don't '" says Greenberg, 65 who has argued more than 100 trials.

On job issues, many of his colleagues consider him a pioneer.

"Employment law as a separate specialty didn't come into its own until the early 1980's, long after he became involved, " Kurt Surls, a partner in Bornn and Surls in Marina Del Rey, says, "I think of him as a pioneer in that area."

About 1 1/2 years ago, Greenberg inaugurated his own Web site dedicated to employment-related issues www.DisciminationAttorney.com which, he says gets thousand of hits a month from all over the United States.

"There's a tremendous misconception about the law, that people can't be fired if they're doing a good job, for instance," Greenberg says. "But that's not the law in California. It's interesting to educate people--what I do as a lawyer-- and tell them what the law is and what their rights are."

He estimates he has collected $100 million for clients over the years. In all, he's been involved in about 100 jury trials, but prefers settlement. "The client is not looking to go to trial but is looking for money" Greenberg says.

Greenberg has managed to build reputation as a solid trial attorney. "He has a lightning-quick intelligence and a wonderful ability to think on his feet," said Joseph Posner, an Encino sole practitioner and colleague who died Nov. 14. "Back a few years ago in the middle of a trial, something totally unexpected came up, and Dave, quick thinker that he is, turned it from something that could have been used against him to something he used in his favor," Posner said. "He took the other guy's sword and thrust it back on him."

As a true gladiator would.

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